The Untenable Podcast, Episode 132: Tears in Rain, Controllers at Rest


The one with synthetic existential dread.

In this week’s episode, Mike and Jay talk about Mike’s exploits in gaming, as well as their reactions to Blade Runner 2049 and the last Episode VIII: The Last Jedi trailer.

Intro song: “Mesa” – Hans Zimmer, Benjamin Wallfisch, and Vangelis

Outro song: “John Carpenter’s Halloween Theme” – Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, and John Carpenter


Untenable Podcast, Episode 97: PokemonGo Limbo Stick

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The one with surprising depth.

In this week’s episode, Mike and Jay discuss Mike’s reaction to completing Limbo, compare it to Inside, as well as discussing others’ reactions to both games, and of course, Mike’s other gaming interactions. They also talk of Jay’s refusal to embrace the new PokemonGo phenomenon.

Errata: The game Mike and Jay discuss regarding the Night Mind horror channel is mistakenly identified as Layers of Evil, when it is actually called Layers of Fear.



Untenable Podcast, Episode 97.5 : The Short and Sweet of It

The one with the low battery.

In this week’s episode, Mike and Jay discuss Mike’s reaction to the new Ghostbusters movie, his fascination with the new Netflix show Stranger Things and one of its stars, Winona Ryder. Jay brings up the newly published stories about The Walking Dead star Laurie Holden and her departure from the show.

The Untenable Podcast, Episode 94: Everyone Enjoys Electronics

The one about E3 2016

In this episode, Mike and Jay talk about the E3 experience this year, as well as some expectations and waiting.


Episode 94.5: Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?

The one…

In this week’s extra episode, Mike and Jay address some difficult topics, mainly because it’s a difficult world, and try to make sense of the senseless.

The Untenable Podcast, Episode 85: The Timey-Wimey-Wibbly-Wobbly-Bob Effect

The one where Mike and Jay’s timelines converge – again.

In this week’s episode, Mike and Jay discuss Mike’s experiences with the time travel/quantum entanglement-themed video games, Quantum Break and Life is Strange, well as Mike beginning another meta adventure game, Ratchet and Clank. The duo also explore the Mandela Effect and its presence in their own timelines, and the effects of more whitewashing of Asian media properties, specifically the new Ghost in the Shell movie.



The Untenable Podcast, Episode 65 – The Bottle Episode

The one where Mike and Jay bottle their essence.

In this week’s episode, Mike and Jay trace Morgan’s journey in The Walking Dead, lavish praise upon the new episode of Supernatural, paint expectations for Preacher, explore the inverted world of Redshirts, and contemplate the direction of the newly announced Star Trek television show. Mike also takes us through his journey with Halo 5 and Assassin’s Creed: Unity, which both seemed fraught with perilous expectations and disappointment.

Untenable Podcast, Episode 64: Nintendisode 64

Halo, is it me you’re looking for?”

In this week’s episode, Mike updates about his gaming progress with Halo 5, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, and Rockband 4, which leads into a rant by Jay about the virtues of enjoying pop culture for its own sake; and of course, no fall episode would be complete without some talk of The Walking Dead and Supernatural. SPOILERS HEREIN

The Untenable Podcast, Episode 53: Long Time, First Time, OR The Unexpected Virtue of Season 2, Episode 1


That time when Mike phoned it in.

In this week’s episode, Mike and Jay go all over the map and talk of Star Wars: Episode 7 and the potency of certain character deaths, more gaming updates, and podcast recommendations. And of course, ruminate about the future direction of the podcast.