The Untenable Podcast, Mixtape #13: The Baker’s Dirty Dozen

The one with heroic shit talkin’.

In this week’s mixtape episode, Mike and Jay revisit their reactions to some fanboy moments regarding the MCU, Twin Peaks, and some various horror film talk.


Intro song: “The Way You Used to Do” – Queens of the Stone Age

Song #2: “She’s Gone Away” – Nine Inch Nails

Outro song: “Skin” – Rag’n’Bone Man

Episodes mixed:

Ep. 88: The Crazy 88’s

Ep 60: Ramble On II: Gettin’ to the Ramble



The Untenable Podcast, Mixtape #11: A Theoretical Hero Theoretically Rises

The one with the talk of things once unknown and now known.

This week’s episode is a mix tape where Mike and Jay talk all manners of fictional heroes and the known unknowns in the MCU, DECU, and SWCU.



Intro song: “Nobody Speak” DJ Shadow feat. Run the Jewels


Middle song: “Legend Has It”  Run the Jewels


Outro song: “North Cack” G Yamazawa feat. Joshua Gunn, Kane Smego

The Untenable Podcast, Episode 94: Everyone Enjoys Electronics

The one about E3 2016

In this episode, Mike and Jay talk about the E3 experience this year, as well as some expectations and waiting.


Episode 94.5: Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?

The one…

In this week’s extra episode, Mike and Jay address some difficult topics, mainly because it’s a difficult world, and try to make sense of the senseless.

The Untenable Podcast, Episode 91: Apocalypse Duh (SPOILERS)

The one where Mike fights Apocalypse because Apocalypse don’t care.

In this week’s episode, Mike and Jay have a spoilerific talk about the new entry into the Fox XMCU, X-Men: Apocalypse, as well as Marvel Comics’ recent misstep with Captain America; in that similar movie vein, they also discuss possible James Bond replacements.


The Untenable Podcast, Episode 88: The Crazy Eighty-Eights

The one where Mike and Jay teach a horse to poop.

In this week’s episode, Mike and Jay explore the future of Supernatural, nitpick the DCMU and celebrate the victory of Captain America: Civil War, as well as recount Mike’s adventures with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Battlefield 1, and Halo Wars. Jay also speaks of his new found obsession for David Lynch’s time capsule of pop culture, Twin Peaks.



The Untenable Podcast, Episode 40: So, This is 40…


SJWs, assemble!

In this week’s episode, Mike and Jay fight against the confederacy of dunces aligned to prevent this episode from airing. There are some announcements about future plans for the pod, some discussion about the gender inequity inherent in popular culture, and some disappointment and anger thrown in Konami’s direction.

The Untenable Podcast, Episode 39: Ultron, Schmoltron aka Midpod Crisis

There be SPOILERS ahead!

In this week’s episode, Mike and Jay spend an inordinate amount of time talking about their experiences with Avengers: Age of Ultron; within the confines of the MCU, they also talk Agents of SHIELD with the introduction of Inhumans, and the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse. They also venture into the DC Shared Universe films and discuss various developments with David Ayers’ Suicide Squad and Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Mike discusses his completion of Battlefield: Hardline, Wolfenstein: New Order, and going back to Watchdogs. Jay’s contribution to the gaming talk is minimal, and is mainly talks about a new smartphone based app game, Night Terrors and the possibly game changing elements of real time survival horror played on a handheld device.