The Untenable Podcast, Episode 138: Watching the Throne


The one with the tribes.

In this week’s shorter than usual episode, Mike and Jay take a roadie to see Marvel’s Black Panther and talk about their initial thoughts of the movie.


The Untenable Podcast, Mixtape #11: A Theoretical Hero Theoretically Rises

The one with the talk of things once unknown and now known.

This week’s episode is a mix tape where Mike and Jay talk all manners of fictional heroes and the known unknowns in the MCU, DECU, and SWCU.



Intro song: “Nobody Speak” DJ Shadow feat. Run the Jewels


Middle song: “Legend Has It”  Run the Jewels


Outro song: “North Cack” G Yamazawa feat. Joshua Gunn, Kane Smego

The Untenable Podcast, Episode 123: The Superhero Mafia Delusion

The one with the bowls of chili.

In this week’s episode, Mike and Jay talk of Mike’s issues with the inefficiencies of Mafia III, some Zelda, Jay’s interest in the Alex Jones child custody saga, a preview of the coming Very Special Episode aka State of the Division, and share their thoughts about and make a wager whether DC or Marvel will prevail at the box office with Justice League and Thor Ragnarok, respectively.

Intro song: “The Outsider” A Perfect Circle   Outro song: “One Last Breath” Creed

The Untenable Podcast, Episode 91: Apocalypse Duh (SPOILERS)

The one where Mike fights Apocalypse because Apocalypse don’t care.

In this week’s episode, Mike and Jay have a spoilerific talk about the new entry into the Fox XMCU, X-Men: Apocalypse, as well as Marvel Comics’ recent misstep with Captain America; in that similar movie vein, they also discuss possible James Bond replacements.


The Untenable Podcast, Episode 70: One More Good Push

The one where Mike and Jay might be awakened by the spectre of solace as the force only lives twice.

In this week’s episode, Mike and Jay journey though Mike’s recent film push, as well as discussing some Supernatural, and of course Mike’s gaming adventures.



The Untenable Podcast, Episode 60 – Ramble On II: Gettin’ to the Ramble


That one time Mike and Jay blathered on about…oh, wait…

In this week’s ill-prepared episode, Mike and Jay talk of recent movie viewings, to include Mike’s continued disappointment in Age of Ultron, Jay’s recent horror viewings, and some gaming talk from both.

The Untenable Podcast, Episode 52: “Fantastic Four Out of Ten”


“…This is just a pause in the conversation.”

In this week’s episode, Mike and Jay spend too much time trying to figure out where Josh Trank’s swan song, Fantastic Four, went wrong; they also speculate how this could affect other comic book movie properties. They also say goodbye to exiting talk show host, Jon Stewart. Also, gaming talk.