The Untenable Podcast, Episode 125: Gore’d the Guardians

The one with that guy who didn’t direct the Bioshock movie.

In this week’s episode, Mike and Jay explore the aesthetics of Gore Verbinski and the Swedish, Nordic, and Dutch filmmakers, reflect on Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, revisit some Alien: Covenant, and wonder why Prey s**t the bed while being played.


Intro music: “The Chain” Fleetwood Mac   Outro music: “In Hell I’ll Be in Good Company” The Dead South




31 Days of Our Favorite Horror Films, Day 19


The Ring  (2002, dir. Gore Verbinski)

by Mike

Watch a cursed VHS tape, yes a tape, and seven days later you die.  It’s a simple enough premise to adapt from the Japanese Ringu series, and Gore Verbinski does a good job.

In the movie we follow a reporter trying to unravel the mysterious death of a teen who appears to have died of fright while also showing signs of being waterlogged all in the safety of her own room.  Once she finds the tape and makes the mistake of watching it, it becomes a race for her to figure out it’s origin and hopefully lift the curse on her and her young son who was also exposed to the curse.

When we see the tape, I remember thinking it wasn’t all bad.  I mean, I’d seen plenty of David Lynch movies and Nine Inch Nails videos.  It’s content isn’t really what creeped me out.  It was the villain that did it.  The way it crawled around, out of a TV even, that’s what stayed with me.

On top of that, the origin of the villain was pretty damn messed up.  When she was a young girl her mom had dumped her into the bottom of a well and left her there to die.  Discovering this information, our hero thinks that recovering the body from the well and giving it a proper resting place will end the curse.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the case as with a lot of horror movies where we find the end is really just the beginning.