31 Days of Horror: The Void


Dir. Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie  (2016)

I had a lot of fun with this movie, which is a relief because I had also heard so many great things that I was concerned that I would be disappointed. I am a fan of deadly cults in horror movies, and this movie provided that in spades, although they were not a very mobile cult, yet they were effectively menacing and omnipresent. This was also another great presentation of Lovecraftian lore and influence in a small town with major horrors. The filmmakers made a lot with very little, from what I know of of its production. Unsettling throughout and equally effective in its delivery.

The greater achievement that I find in this movie is the use of atmosphere. A seemingly empty building in what seems to also be a secluded area. And of course, there’s always the decoy character who is seemingly dispatched early on who has greater import to the plot. So many tropes, but so much fun playing and subverting them. It really shouldn’t have worked, but it really did.


Untenable Podcast Pilot: Too Many Secrets in Detroit

In the pilot episode, Mike and Jay muse on the shoddy programming of future tech in the Terminator universe, verify voice recognition systems, and the untenable quality of Cthulu and Rust Cohle.