The Untenable Podcast Mixtape #9: Nothing Compares

The one with the Hateful Prince.

In this week’s episode, another Mixtape to satiate the hunger for mediocre entertainment is offered yet again.


Intro song: “You Know My Name” Chris Cornell  Middle song: “Thank You” Chris Cornell Outro song: “Nothing Compares 2 U” Chris Cornell

Episodes mixed:

Episode 86:

Episode 72:




The Untenable Podcast, Episode 59: The Big Short on the Wall

UntenPod Ep 59 graphic

A.K.A. The tale of two episodes.

Okay, so yet again we are up against a bandwidth shortfall, preventing us from putting up an entire episode. This week, a shortened 39 minute cut will drop on iTunes on Tuesday, as usual. And the entire episode, a total of 70 minutes, hits SoundCloud immediately. We think you’ll enjoy either episode, or hopefully both. The show notes should indicate what we tackle this week.

Shortened iTunes episode through Libsyn

Full episode through SoundCloud

the alleged new Bond theme by Sam Smith