The Untenable Podcast, Episode 117: Maximum Wickage a.k.a. Contract Fulfillment for Dummies

The one where Mike complains about contract enforcement…and Jay spoils a major plot point.

After seeing John Wick Chapter 2, Mike wrongly applies real world logic to the contract terms and conditions of an assassin underworld, while Jay believes that gangsters will do gangster shit…like spoiling a major plot point of the movie; and some Bat News for good measure is thrown into the mix. And of course, some gaming talk about their current adventures, or misadventures, in the case of Jay.

Intro song:  “Killing Strangers” Marilyn Manson  Outro song: “Plastic Hearts” feat. Ciscandra Nostalghia


The Untenable Podcast, Episode 116: Like a Batfleck Out of Hell

The one with the homecoming of Chuck Cunningham.
In this week’s episode, Jay and Mike talk of their gaming adventures of late, and ruminate over the fate of the DCMU with rumors of Ben Affleck’s departure and Mel Gibson considered for Suicide Squad 2.

Intro song:  “Sounds of Silence” Disturbed   Outro song: “Sleeping Giants” The Secession


The Untenable Podcast, Mixtape 5: A Country for Some of Us

The one with two yahoos in a room and a voice recording app.

This week’s episode is another Mixtape, chock full of goodies from the early days of the podcast, especially the good old days of Mike and Jay recording “in-studio” with an app on the iPad Mini.

Mixtape 5



Episode 18:

Episode 22:

Episode 13:


The Untenable Podcast, Episode 115: Beyond the Ocarina of Mime

The one with the pixelated memories.
In this week’s episode, Mike and Jay trip down gaming lane and talk games of the present and the past.