The Return of 31 Days of Our Favorite Horror: Soma, Say Me…


Soma, Part 3

Once more unto the deep, dear friends.  Once more.  When I last wrote about Soma I was in the middle of the game.  The story was completely revealed, my character made a new friend, and an endgame was spelled out.  The last third was all about carrying out the plan and hiding from enemies that were much more prevalent than earlier levels.

Some of these later areas got to be a little frustrating as it became a little more about trial and error when it came to how to get around the enemies.  Several times I’d get lost since the areas kinda look the same in the dark and using the flashlight would have drawn attention.  So I’d fumble around until I would end up where I was supposed to be.  As dreary as got, it was all worth it as the story continued to get stronger and stronger.  I really loved the ideas it explored about reality and self.  The concept of scanning someone’s brain and then storing that digital version of them in a simulated world was interesting one.  This case was different than The Matrix as the participants were all willing and it was being used as a way to have humanity survive a ruined world.

Speaking of ruined, there are some moments late game that nearly ruined me.  There had been tough choices made throughout the game but the early ones didn’t have the same impact.  I mean, pulling the plug on a robot looking thing that’s incoherently babbling as if it’s repeating one side of a conversation it once heard is one thing, but doing it to someone who has a conversation with you is completely different.  I think the game was at its best each time it went into these dark moral areas.  That it made you think about the consequence of your actions was refreshing compared to so many games where things going boom is the desired outcome.

As for the ending, I’d hate to spoil it for you, I’d love nothing more than for you to play the game and experience it for yourself.  To sit there and just say “whoa.  really?” once those credits roll.  So if you don’t have the means to play it, do yourself a favor and check out a youtube play of it.

That’s it for me and horror games in October.  Home, The Swapper, and Soma were all great and surprisingly had a great through line that connected them all.  Each with unique takes on how horror can come from just a slight skewing of one’s perception can turn reality into a nightmare.  Unfortunately, I was unable to finish The Evil Within but it was interesting enough that I will go back and see it through to the end.

Thanks for coming by and checking out our October content, major props to Jay for cranking out movie writeups like a man possessed.  We hope you enjoyed it and had as much fun seeing our picks as we had watching/playing them.  


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