Return of 31 Days of Our Favorite Horror: The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears


The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears (2013)   Dir(s). Helene Cattet, Bruno Forzani

This movie was so poorly rated on Netflix that yet again, I almost did not even consider watching it. But I’m glad that I did. And I can see why some people did not like this movie: it has no real plot to discern, but it has a series of characters who seem as if they are doomed to repeat an endless loop of waking nightmare blurring of reality and dream. I think that the classification of a waking nightmare is apt because so many little things don’t quite add up and they lead to some wacky shit happening. An example is a segment near the end of the movie where we see a loop of the poor bastard of a male lead who wakes up naked and drags his Euro-dong across the floor as he runs around in a frantic pace, being chased by…spoilers….himself. Not as in “himself” because he’s alone – his actual self. Yup.

So, I will do my best to summarize this weird clusterfuck of a nightmare. A telecom business executive comes home from what we presume is a business trip abroad. He is expecting to meet his wife, but instead he is greeted by an empty apartment. He begins to notice that little things are off in the apartment, even details such as the fact that he had left a voicemail for his wife that we happen to see occur, as he is leaving the airport. He actually mentions that he left four messages for his wife, and he saw them when he walked in, but once he eventually notifies the police, mentions the oddities such as the messages, the police officer mentions that there aren’t any messages on the machine. And that’s just one example of some weirdness. And then there’s the time cuts/shifts in the narrative.

The movie jumps back and forth between two different times and narrative threads. And I can see how that pisses people right the fuck off – having to keep track of all of these weird, violent, sexually ambiguous montages. And that’s what I like about it. I remember asking myself what it is about this movie that I was digging. Like, where have I seen this type of movie before? Then, after the movie I read an article and it described the movie as an homage to Giallo. That’s it. Giallo. And that made so much fuckin’ sense to me. I was watching a Giallo movie. I’m glad that mystery was solved.

But I still cannot one hundred percent tell you what was happening in that movie. I would have a good time guessing, which I kind of did here. But instead, I’m going to let you make the decision as to whether or not you want to watch a movie that begins with the implied, well, not-so-implied-slaughter of a woman. And there’s also the high amount of people who were stabbed in the skull as a kill move. If you’re into that kind of stuff, you might really enjoy this movie.


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