Return of 31 Days of Our Favorite Horror: Soma, Soma


When I first started up Soma I was a little confused.  Every screenshot I’d seen showed an industrial type, underwater environment but the game opens in modern day Toronto.  From here we get a couple of slides setting up the basic plot of the main character being in a car accident, sustaining brain damage and given a terminal diagnosis with months to live.  As the game gives over control and I start searching my apartment, I started to wonder how we get from this setting to the one in the screenshots since the protagonist works at a comic shop.  I soon learn that he’s supposed to be going to a doctor for a brain scan and then the story really begins.

Once at the doctor’s office, I immediately felt a sense of NOPE as the office looks like it’s been abandoned but a little poking around yields a keypad code that gets you into a back area where the shady “doctor” is waiting with his Total Recall style chair he wants you to sit in.  You reluctantly sit down as his pitch that this therapy could add years, if not decades, to your life convinces your character that it’s a risk worth taking.  So of course everything goes to crap once this scan activates causing you to wake up in another environment, the previously mentioned industrial looking one.

This new environment is an underwater station called Pathos II, no one seems to be alive, some robots appear to have gone rampant, some robots seem to think they’re human, something really bad has happened to the surface, and it’s the year 2104.  Now you aren’t immediately given that information, I picked up on it in the hour or two I’ve been exploring the station.  These details have been doled out by examining corpses, talking to “survivors”, finding audio logs, and interfacing with computers.  I put survivors in quotes because in a couple of cases I’ve come across the aforementioned robots who think they’re still human.  Each time it’s been bad news as the game forces you to do something in the environment that ends up putting these things in a lot of pain or outright killing them.

I hope to make more progress soon as the turn the story has taken an even stranger turn.


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