Return of 31 Days of Our Favorite Horror: Inner Demons

inner demons

Inner Demons (2014)  Dir. Seth Grossman

Inner Demons really snuck up on me. As I’ve said before, I am an avid fan of found footage and defend it to a certain degree. Yes, it seems derivative, but to me as long as the execution of a stale genre is somewhat new or innovative, I have no problems. This is the case for Inner Demons, as there are points where the narrative seems to go one way, in fact you’re absolutely certain that it will end up some where we’ve seen before. But, not so fast, Bub.

The movie kicks off as we see a videographer for hire, Jason, beginning working as a cameraman for a reality television show producer who hired him through Craigslist. Jason almost immediately gets off on the wrong foot with the producer and her other veteran cameraman, becoming the butt of their jokes and frustrations. Their subject for a new episode is an academic all star named Carson who recently became belligerent against her new classmates. Carson’s parents moved her from her previous school, where she excelled, and into a prestigious Catholic high school where she falls into depression and eventual drug use. The television show is an Intervention-esque show where the crew films the family and friends of Carson intervene to try and get her some help.

The flick begins with some fun as Jason is taunted by the crew and we see how odd Carson is behaving, ultimately seeing how far down she’s sunk with her behavior, even trying to seduce Jason and others, as a 16 or 17 year-old student. Some kinda creepy scenes when Carson really goes after the men in the crew, and even the others in her new home, a rehab clinic where the show follows her. And it’s this time spent at the rehab facility where the movie has some fun playing with our expectations for the narrative. I mean, we do see some beats hit miles away, but at least their kinda fun. And going back to Carson’s amorous behavior, it actually seems that she is genuinely falling for Jason, I mean, he’s obviously crushing on her pretty hard – again it’s kinda skeevy because he’s like 24 and she’s probably a junior or senior in high school. But this dude goes to some extremes to try to help Carson during her stay.

There is a breaking point with the staff of the facility as Carson begins attacking patients and staff, going so far as to get someone killed. Actually, that death is Jason’s fault as he not only gets a person killed, but he also gets a staff member fired. And once the narrative ends up back at Carson’s house, the show’s producer and cameraman finally give Jason a second chance after firing him for the debacle at the hospital. At first, the crew was out to exploit Carson and her family, but the have seen firsthand the odd shit that is going down and finally believe Jason’s theory that Carson is possessed by a demon of some sort.

The eventual convergence of all of the natural and supernatural forces takes place at Carson’s home and it is batshit insane. Some have complained that the movie was boring or whatever, but I think that is attributed to a bias against found footage. This movie didn’t reinvent anything about genre, but it had fun with its conventions and gives a hell of an ending to those willing to stick around for the finish.



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