Return of 31 Days of Our Favorite Horror: Swapping Mike


What is the soul, and is it meaningless if it can be quantified and copied?  That’s one of the questions asked in my next October game, The Swapper.  I mostly played this on Vita, but I did use the cloud sync option and also played via PSTV and PS4.  Given what the game is about, I find it funny that I moved my save across different consoles.

In The Swapper you play as person trapped on a deserted station in space who comes across various obstacles that can only be bypassed by creating clones of yourself and then swapping your consciousness between them.  However, the problem with the clones is that they are bound to you and move exactly as you do.

While some of the puzzles gave me fits, they weren’t the source of the game’s horror.  Most of that feel came from the game’s atmosphere.  In fact, a lot of its look reminded me of the design of Bioshock where light and shadow set the tone.  The rest of the horror came from the story that was slowly given out by another survivor you discover later. Interactions with that character, various samples of rock that appear to have a hive mind, and hidden terminals fill in what happened to the station’s inhabitants.

I loved the story’s conclusion and the classic dark sci-fi choice given at the end.  Part of me wishes that there would be a sequel but it’s probably best left open ended based on the two endings.


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