The Return of 31 Days of Our Favorite Horror: Mike’s Journey Home


by Mike

This October, while Jay is watching his fill of horror flicks, I’ll be playing horror themed games.  First up is Home for PlayStation Vita.  I had no expectations coming into Home and had no idea what it was even about since I hadn’t read anything on it.  It may be odd to say you know nothing of a game you own but I think it was a PS Plus offering and I may have downloaded it just because it was free.

Upon start up Home greets you with a title card that bills it as an “unique horror adventure” which is a great description of this game.  After that you are notified that the game is based on choices you make, items you pick up, and information you discover.  The next thing it tells you kinda surprised me because I felt like it would remove all tension; it tells you that there are no enemies or combat in the game.  I was wrong.

Your character starts the game by waking up in a stranger’s house with blood on his clothes, a sore leg, and mud on shoes.  He’s not sure how he got there, why he’s in the shape he finds himself, or how much he participated in the grisly scenes he comes across.  It’s these unknowns that gives the game its tension.  Occasionally you find items and are presented with a choice where the character asks you whether or not they interacted with it.  These seemingly small choices fill in the narrative or provide you with ways out of scenarios.

Now by ways out I don’t just mean finding a rope to ease your way down an access point with a broken ladder or a crowbar to bust through drywall.  No, some of these items figure into the endgame and provide literal ways out.  Two of the items in particular lead to two of the three endings that unlock trophies.  Having multiple endings encouraged me to play through the game four times.  Not only did I fill in more of the story each time but I also got a darker ending each run.  

Home was a great start to October and I hope I’m able to get through more titles to share.  


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