The Return of 31 Days of Our Favorite Horror: Exeter


Exeter (2015) Dir. Marcus Nispel

This movie recently popped up on Netflix, and it seemed rather generic, so I glossed over it. Well, a few days before I decided to watch it, I had read a rather favorable review of it on Reddit’s Horror subreddit. That subreddit gives me quite a few great recommendations, most of which have not failed me, so I decided to give Exeter a chance.

Well. I gave it a chance, and as my stepfather says, “I was whelmed. Not over or under, just whelmed.” That sentiment just about sums up my feelings about this movie: I was neither disappointed or overjoyed about my decision to watch. And, for the most part this movie had some great make-up effects going on, possibly some CGI involved with blood spatter, but honestly, I didn’t mind that possibility because some scenes were drenched.

The backstory that frames the movie is rather cool, and seems to be the flavor of the moment lately, the haunted former sanitorium/school/institution where some Satanic activity took place. Cool. Seen it before, but when done correctly, this premise is very effective.

My main problem with this movie was that there was some need by Marcus Nispel to find the shittiest and most obnoxious characters possible. And he also felt it necessary to use what to me seemed like generic sorta-Metal for the ambient music the kids listened to at their impromptu party that no one has ever thrown or attended IRL. It’s like, okay, at that point in the movie I was kinda hoping that some demonic entity shows up, eviscerates them all and f***s their empty husks and fills them with unholy seed. That’s how shitty some of these characters started off. Most of them chilled the f*** out once people started levitating and speaking ancient Aramaic or Latin.

Genre favorite Stephen Lang shows up for about a total of seven minutes of screen time, but those seven minutes were glorious. The remainder of the cast did rather well, considering the material they were handed. And as previously mentioned, there were some awesome kills. One in particular involved a scythe and the side of some poor bastard’s face as it was cleanly sliced off. There was a lot of levitation and black oily substance spewed about the place, but that too somehow was cool and it worked for me.

Exeter is not a bad movie, but it is also not a good movie, in my opinion. But at times it is very fun. Just sit back, enjoy the obnoxious young adults get what’s coming to them and don’t expect anything else from this movie.


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