The Untenable Podcast, Episode 30: Carry On My Vulcan Son

leonard nimoy album

“I love degraded…degradab…degraded characters…”

In this week’s episode, Mike and Jay bring the room down and discuss the passing of pop cultural icon, Leonard Nimoy, as well as the understanding that most of our beloved icons will be passing rather soon; and they concede that those losses will continue to hurt more than we may expect. The newly announced Aliens sequel project to be helmed by Neill Blomkamp is yet again another topic of discussion between the two. Mike then extolls the virtues and joys of The Order: 1886 in his review and discussion of the game and its treatment by critics. Mike then proposes an idea for a sequel to the game, tying together the lore of the game and the storyline of the movie version of Kingsmen: The Secret Service, which is a movie also discussed since Jay has finally seen it. Jay then jumps into his mini review of the sequel to the 2010 cult comedy, Hot Tub Time Machine


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