The Untenable Podcast, Episode 29: Spoilers For a 23-year old Movie

harris wittels parks

“I Don’t Wanna Be a Downer, But….”

In this week’s episode, Mike and Jay talk about the passing of a comic, writer, and television producer, Harris Wittels. They also talk Parks and Rec and the winding down of the series. The conversation also goes into discussing SNL 40 and some of the behind the scenes gossip, specifically the reveal that Eddie Murphy was set to come back in a sketch that might have broken the Internet. There is also a lament at the possibilities of the ill-fated Beverly Hills Cop television show, as it was to be run by Shawn Ryan, the creator and showrunner on many quality shows. The two also react to the news that District 9 and Chappie filmmaker Neill Blomkamp is signed to helm the new Alien movie, scheduled to follow Prometheus 2. More Marvel Cinematic Universe talk abounds this week as well, and then some new game talk. Mike talks of his disappointment in Ryse; disappointment might not be the word he’s looking for, perhaps it’s underwhelming. He also talks about his excitement for The Order: 1886and his frustration with how some gaming journalists seem to single out certain games with less than creative or constructive criticism.


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