The Untenable Podcast, Episode 26: The Delicate Nose Palate Dilemma


“What’s X-Men: Apocalypse?”

In this week’s episode, an episode recorded over Skype, done so in order to overcome scheduling conflicts, Mike and Jay yet again push their own technological skills. This episode also offers a selection of topics, from Mike’s appreciation of YA dystopian movies, Hunger Games over Divergent. They also make a non-fuss over the casting of the new Ghostbusters reboot, talk about the new X-Men: Apocalypse casting, the new InterstellarFantastic Four reboot trailer, and the oddity of Jupiter Ascending. Jay offers his contrarian opinions about gelatinous meat cubes, pork chops and his delicate nose palate; and more importantly Jay waxes philosophical about David Ayer’s work and the importance of his emerging genre presence. They round out the episode with rumination about the end of Parks and Rec, Cougar Town, and Mad Men…and then the two dissipate into conspiratorial oblivion – yet still find the time to praise Justified.


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