Untenable Podcast, Episode 24: Wrap It, Before You Catch It


A new and appropriate use of the phrase “cold comfort….”

In this week’s episode, Mike and Jay sit outside to record in their “natural studio recording experience phase” and are exposed to the elements, which annoyingly worsens Jay’s fragile immune system in the form of his allergies. Oh, and they also obsess over The Interview yet again as Mike reveals his love of the near war-inducing satire. They also journey into territory about various Oscars snubs and question their relevance, tiptoe around the return of two fan favorites, Community and The Walking Dead, lament the passing of retro phone and communication technologies, spend way too long speculating and complaining about recent gaming experiences and eventually compose Mike’s obituary upon learning of his theoretical, someday-it’s-bound-to-happen terminal diagnosis.





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