The Thing About SoundCloud…

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So the thing is that early in the podcast, probably within the first week, before the Libsyn account was set up, we set up a SoundCloud account, and were only able to upload the first two episodes. That was because with the free version, we were only able to upload three hours worth of content. And those two first episodes were a glimpse into the future of the podcast and were each roughly one and half hours a piece. So that account went dormant when we began exclusively using the Libsyn account through the blog for iTunes.

That all changed yesterday when I set up a premium account on SoundCloud, so we can pretty much upload as much content to that account, whereas on Libsyn I’m limited on how much content I can upload on a monthly basis. So, as a result of the amount of freedom we have with the SoundCloud account, we will update the back issues on the account, and this will also serve as a repository for extra content. Such extra content was previously known as “Bonus” episodes, but from now on will be referred to as Mini Episodes, or more specifically, “MiniSodes.”

The first Untenable Podcast MiniSode will go up on the SoundCloud account a little bit later, and we hope to add content at various times, but will update and publish the link here on the blog. I still need to tweak some settings on the SoundCloud account because every time I update a new track, that update is sent to my personal Twitter account, and not the podcast’s account. I’ll work to update, but for the most part we will updating new content through here, as well as updating the regularly scheduled weekly episodes.

Thanks again for staying with us and downloading our content. And even if you already have the pod downloaded on your device, if you could visit the SoundCloud page and simply “Like” the content, that would be much appreciated as well.

– Mike and Jay


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