by Mike and Jay

Okay, this is just a friendly note that in the upcoming few episodes, Mike and I will have tendency to go into some spoilery territory, specifically in the episodes we recorded last night. With the material that we recorded last night, we have another two-part episode where we delve extensively into Chris Nolan’s Interstellar.

And while I’m discussing the next few episodes, I’ll also explain the situation with the next set of episodes. From here until the end of the year, possibly until after the new year, Mike and I are banking episodes, recording upwards of three hours at a time, and then dividing them up.

Sometimes we’ll divide the lengthy episodes into either two or three distinct episodes, however the math best works out. We tease at the end of the episodes that they’re “two parters” making it seem as if the next episode will be “Episode ‘X,’ part 2” but in reality we will proceed to the next consecutive number in order for each episode.

We’re mainly doing this because this time of year is rather hectic for both of us due to the holidays, specifically Thanksgiving and Christmas. We’ve also got work related duties and family obligations to tend to at times.

So, the next episode to go up, Episode 15, either later today or tomorrow, was originally a two hour episode that we decided to chop up into two episodes. Episode 16, the next portion of that two hour long episode, will go up next week, around Thanksgiving week. From there, the first part of last night’s recorded episode will go up around the beginning of December, and then the next segment divided out of last night’s episode will be up the second-ish week of December. The pattern will continue through the end of the year.

It was brought to our attention that banking episodes will possibly create “stale” content, which is a fair assessment of the nature of the topics we usually discuss. However, Mike and I have realized through the course of recording the last sets of episodes that we want this podcast to be more organic and fluid when discussing topics, if it all possible. As such, we’ll more than likely continue to record at great length and divide up the episodes. We are not focused solely what is current, but worthy of discussion in our estimation.

Throughout all of this, what is most important to us is to provide content on a consistent basis, specifically for those out there who listen regularly. We both know that you realize that life happens, and sometimes recording isn’t possible, but Mike and I will do our best to make sure that new content is available every week.

Thanks again to all of you who continually listen to our pod, and we thank any new or future listeners.


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