Mike’s Rant: Driveclub – Membership Revoked


Back before the PS4 was released, Sony announced a game called Driveclub from Evolution Studios that was to be available at launch. I was excited about this for a couple of reasons. First was that Evolution was responsible for the Motorstorm series on PS3. Those games looked great, had a real sense of excitement during races, and had an AI that would do anything to win. Second, Driveclub would be offered for free as part of the PS Plus Instant Game Collection, albeit a watered down version with less tracks and cars but with still enough meat on it to earn a platinum trophy.

Sounds great right? Problem is that Driveclub went on to be delayed from launch to launch window all the way to October 2014. Almost a year after launch. A reasonable person would think an extra year of development could only help right? Well you’d be wrong. Once the game hit retail most of it’s social features, all the ones it touted, were (are) non-functional. Going on nearly a month now since the game released. Server issues, netcode, I don’t know and apparently neither does Evolution or Sony. So now they’ve gone and postponed the PS+ edition until further notice.

I am Jack’s sense of entitlement.

Now I can hear you saying “just go buy retail if you want to play it so bad”.

Allow me to retort – go fuck yourself.

Why should I or anyone pay for a game that doesn’t work? Also, it’s not just about Driveclub, it’s about PSN as a whole. We’re asked to pay for online services now and we’re treated to what seems like weekly outages. For all the shit I’ve talked about the Xbox 360 console, rare was the occasion that I had an issue with Xbox Live.

Lately I’ve been wondering a lot about getting an Xbox One. MS has stepped up with some great bundles and now a $50 price drop. With Sunset Overdrive out, Halo Collection coming, and a working AAA racer in Forza Horizon 2; maybe now is the time I make that jump.


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