31 Days of Our Favorite Horror Movies, Day 25

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Invasion of the Body Snatchers  (1978, dir. Phillip Kaufman)

by Mike

Like a lot of the movies on my list, I saw this way too young.  In this 70’s version of the movie, an alien organism comes to Earth and starts creating pod versions of us in order to create a better world.  One without conflict.

I don’t think it’s theme of collectivism is what creeped me out.  I mean, I love Star Trek and it’s sanitized version of the future where everyone gets along because they’ve let go of concepts like money, nationalism, and religion in order to come together as one planet.

That’s probably a discussion for another time though, back to Invasion.  The thing that got to me with this one is the imagery.  The sight of the sickly looking pod people growing, THAT DOG WITH A HUMAN FACE, and the wide-eyed pointing while howling that the pod people used to identify regular humans.  My nightmare.


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