31 Days of Our Favorite Horror Films, Day 18


(Image: http://www.massappealdesigns.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/28-days-later-poster-design.jpg)

by Mike

28 Days Later  (2002, dir. Danny Boyle)

The idea of waking up in a hospital with no idea of how long you’ve been there, with no trace of anyone around is creepy on it’s own, but that’s quite literally just the start of it.  Once our hero leaves, he wanders around town until he gets to a church. From that moment on, this infection movie, yes I said infection, takes it’s characters on a terrifying ride.

We see these characters deal with loss of not just the world, but also on a personal level.  The main character’s loss was especially rough. When he goes back home to get supplies, he sees that his parents had committed suicide together to avoid the madness outside.

Now back to my infection remark.  None of the villains in this movie are dead, not a single one.  They are not zombies, they are not the dead resurrected.  They are alive and infected with a virus that turns them into a blind rage monster capable of running, climbing, and fighting.  Sorry, but I had to make that clarification as it irks me anytime someone says this is a zombie movie, “…but Mike they’re zombies cuz they lose the capacity to think for themselves!”

No, shut up, you’re wrong.


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