Inherent Interest

Inherent Vice still

Okay, so this week the first trailer for a film by a filmmaker whose career has made an impact on me, while simultaneously boring Mike to tears. That filmmaker is Paul Thomas Anderson, discussed at length by both Mike and I during our last two solo casts.

The new movie is Inherent Vice, and adaptation of the Thomas Pynchon novel of the same name. I’m excited to see this movie, not specifically because it is a Paul Thomas Anderson movie, but rather because it is an adaptation of a Pynchon novel. I’m about halfway through his 1990 novel, Vineland, and that narrative is, well, intricate and wacky. I know the leads in Inherent Vice and Vineland are different characters, but they seem cut from the same cloth. Vineland’s Zoyd Wheeler is as close to a functional burnout as one can get, and his meta-referential tangents about politics and pop culture seem like perfect fodder for adaptation, however, that movie has yet to be made. As I have yet to read Inherent Vice, and I really should, it seems that Doc Sportello, as portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix, is a shadow of Zoyd and the remnants of the counterculture elements of the 60s. Once I finish Vineland and hopefully begin Inherent Vice, I look forward to possibly finding some connective tissue between the respective narratives. I don’t know if Pynchon is known for creating universes in which his characters intermingle with one another, something that Paul Thomas Anderson had attempted, but only contained within one narrative, Magnolia. So far, this movie looks promising and has my full attention.


Untenable Podcast, Episode 8: Player Two Has Entered the Game – Redux


Well, allow me to retort…

In this week’s episode, Mike responds to Jay’s solo cast. And if Mike and Jay weren’t such great friends, this could begin a new “East Coast – West Coast” beef not seen since the 90s. Alas, calmer heads prevailed, opinions reinforced, and balance is restored in the Untenable Podcast universe.

Allow Me a Moment to Compose Myself…

Hello all.

You may have noticed a dearth of actual blogging on this blog.

Well, that’s my fault. Between Mike and I, the writing duties would and should primarily fall to me. However, I have found myself busier than anticipated this school semester (I work in academia so my life and measurements of time are based on scholastic schedules), and I do apologize.

The plan is to devote time for at least one written post per week, not counting the notices of episodes dropping. For the most part, all that we want to say is contained within the podcast, but this is a medium where more than downloading is expected when producing content.

Coming up is Mike’s retort to my first solo cast last week. We also recorded ahead for next week so that will be hitting the following Tuesday.

I also plan to upload a few more episodes to our YouTube page, as soon as I don’t need my laptop for more than work-related tasks.

Aside from that, Mike and I really want to thank y’all for continuing to check in with us and download our podcast. It’s still very much a work-in-progress, as far as what we want to have for production, and we thank you for working with our vision.

Thanks again guys. 🙂

– J

Untenable Podcast, Episode 7: Ramblings of a Madman – Redux

Solo Play

In this week’s episode, Jason contemplates the future of the podcast, laments the state of current professional sports, and earns his membership card for the Unpaid Defense Team of several film directors. This week also marks the first solo episode, as technology has struck a blow against humanity and Mike’s ability to record this week. We shall return!

*Note* This episode was modified to conform to SoundCloud’s copyright infringement claims algorithms, and as such content has been cut down. 

Untenable Podcast, Bonus Episode 1: The Musk of Tusk

Tusk 1

This week brings The Untenable Podcast’s first Bonus Episode, in which Mike and Jay discuss Kevin Smith’s newest flick, Tusk. 

Spoilers: #WalrusYes #FullWalrus

NOTE: This episode was removed from SoundCloud because of copyright concerns due to my use of Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk” without permission. This is a repost of the blog but a new version of the SoundCloud episode. Please enjoy.




The Untenable Podcast, Episode 6: The Density of Destiny

In this episode, Mike and Jay discuss the intricacies of defining Rambo’s masculinity, as well as discussing the legend of Bungie’s Destiny, and other personal gaming histories and musings.



Untenable Podcast YouTube Channel


Holy Schnikes, I never thought this would get done, but I finally got around to creating a YouTube channel for the Untenable Podcast.

Here is the embedded Pilot Episode. It’ll take a little bit of work to get the others up, but I will make sure to upload them as soon as I can after each release on iTunes and Libsyn.

More is on the way – enjoy!