Diablo vs Satan Claus: The Revenge of Rockstar Troll-Gaming

In this week’s episode, Mike and Jay step on the toes of gamers and movie fans alike as they take a stand against troll-gaming, work through Jay’s crippling cognitive gaming disorders, and eventually fetishize Shane Black. They also decide which Twitter Crusaders should team up with the Social Justice Warriors and the White Knights, and determine which battles should be fought and who should be destroyed on the Interwebz.


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New Artwork! And Then Some…

Just in case you were wondering, yes, we have new artwork for the blog and podcast.

This artwork is courtesy of a fellow podcaster, Chris Chandler, who hosts The Gut Punch Podcast.

I’ve known Chris indirectly through a mutual friend for a few years, and last year he began his podcast. The Gut Punch Podcast is a podcast devoted to discussing topical issues in politics and pop culture, with Chris’s minted commentary about the subjects.

I’ve always been a fan of interesting discussion about politics and culture, specifically, and his unique take is one that I know might take some time to accept for those who are used to the sugarcoated and often times over-reactionary style of much of today’s mainstream media. 

I can’t thank Chris enough for the time and effort that he devoted to creating the artwork for us. 

His Name Was Uncle Howard

Today has been a rough one.

My dad, aunt, grandmother and grandfather hit the road last night to be in Illinois with my aunt and my ailing uncle, who had two severe strokes yesterday. I barely slept, for several reasons, mainly because of my concern for family in Illinois and those headed there, and because my sleep schedule has been wacky lately.

Then, in a panic, I awoke when I heard my father’s voice call out “Hello!” and heard him moving about the house. Yet, he had left at 9PM last night and this “occurred” at about 3:30AM. Auditory hallucinations suck.

I slept until about 5:40AM when I was again awakened by the sound of an unknown person walking through the house. My heart raced and I had to recall where the closest weapon in my room was located. Then I remembered that I possess a phone, so that calmed me down. For some reason I then thought it would be a good idea to walk around the house looking for an imagined intruder.

The rest of my morning was good; solid breakfast, good hang time with my mother and stepfather, and then I got the phone call. My father called from the road, about an hour outside of Casey, Illinois, and he told me that my uncle had passed earlier in the morning.

I guess that I’m still processing his death, but for now, after a much-needed hike, I’m relaxing after a fantastic dinner, and reflecting on the man I knew as my Uncle Howard. I’ve poured my self two fingers of Gentleman Jack and I toast the man’s life, his family, and his legacy.

The Untenable Podcast, Episode 2: Spoilers in a Halfshell

TMNT videogame

In their second episode, Mike and Jay pay tribute to the late Robin Williams and declare Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: Winter Soldier to be THE movie of the summer, explore the power of movie hyperbole and the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie, leading to complaints about movie critics and their right to be snarky. Also, they talk about video games a little bit. 

The Untenable Podcast Ep. 2: Spoilers in a Halfshell

New Episode Recorded Tonight

Well, the title says it all.

We recorded for nearly two hours and it was a blast. Perhaps we will ruffle a few feathers, but to be fair, that’s okay because we enjoy adventuring into possibly unpopular opinion territory.

With luck this new episode will drop this Tuesday on iTunes.

Thanks for checking in!

– J

Attaining That Moment

Three days after the news of Robin Williams’ death, and I still have a little bit of trouble grasping that concept. I feel as though a friend has died, someone who knew how to say just the right thing to make me feel better when I was down. I think that in general, movies have that effect on me. I will read something or listen to something too, often, not always, with the same uplifting results, yet movies have always been a sure fire way to cheer me up. And my friend, Robin Williams, had somehow found a way to be there for me.

I know that it’s weird to think that a person who makes a living playing fictional characters can have such an impact on a life. Or that an actor who’s never met me could be considered a friend. I watched him countless times as Popeye and as the Frog Prince, each as entertaining as the other. But I think it’s the fact that I feel as if I could sense who he really was. I never met Robin Williams, but I always saw a hint of the “sad clown” in his performances. His eyes showed me that there was more beneath the surface, but he was only showing a measured amount – the rest he saved for those he held dear. His kindness emanated from the screen and into the world, at least that’s how I see it. He brought a bit of soul and warmth into what at times could be a bleak and cold world. Robin seemed to know how to be a human outside of the characters that he created, something that some actors and comedians just can’t do when the cameras stop rolling.

I was certain that there was a homeless man living on the streets of New York named Perry, who fancied himself the Fisher King, and I knew that somewhere in the future there will be a robot who gains sentience as in Bicentennial Man. To simply list all of his credits would be useless because everyone seems to have their favorite performances of his. I know that I didn’t love all of his movies, some like Father’s Day and Old Dogs just never appealed to me. I’m sure they’re good in their own way, but just not my taste. I preferred the edgier Robin Williams, the actor who dared me to join him into the pits of Hell and the delights of Heaven, or to help him reach an aggressive and brilliant young man and show him his value. I also enjoy the subversive disk jockey who toes the line against authority as he watches young men ship off to fight a war that he didn’t understand. That was the Robin Williams who I will always remember. The man who challenged me to question my own boundaries of compassion and will. He somehow managed to help me attain that moment where humanity and transcendence converged; he showed me what it was to be human in a sometimes inhumane world.

Along with countless other blogs, podcasts, personal websites, and media outlets, I say a fond “thank you” to someone who took the time to care for others. He entertained the troops when war was unpopular, and he found ways to encourage young comics in what some would say is a jaded field. 

If only there were more like him.